Destiny 2 Red Legion Datapad Location

The Destiny 2 Red Legion Datapad location is hidden on the EDZ, and you have to go and find it to complete the Rite of Dawning quest. To make things more complicated, the quest doesn’t mark the exact location of the datapad until you come close enough. So, figuring out where to find the Red Legion Datapad is a little tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you out.

Where to Find Red Legion Dapatad Destiny 2

To find the Destiny 2 Red Legion datapad in the Rite of Dawning quest, you need to look for it in Firebase Hades in the EDZ. You can see its exact location on the map below. Basically, you can start from the fast-travel point in The Gulch and then travel west towards Firebase Hades. Blast straight through the giant circle in the middle and keep going towards the building, but slightly to the left. When you come close enough, the quest marker will lead you to the datapad. It’s next to a bunch of giant missiles next to the wall of the base. Alternatively, you can approach from the south and just hug the left side of the path as you approach until the quest marker pops up.

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