Cocoa Cookie Run Kingdom Update, New Costumes

The Cookie Run Kingdom Cocoa Cookie update is coming soon, and it will bring things like new costumes, decors, and buildings. And, of course, the new cookie itself, which seems like it will be a ton of fun to play with, once you manage to get her from the gacha pool. In this article, we’ll share all the info we have at the time of writing.

When is Cocoa Cookie Coming in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cocoa Cookie is coming to Cookie Run Kingdom on December 9th (KST). That’s all we know at the moment; we don’t know what time exactly it’s going to launch. Depending on your time zone, that might actually be December 8th, but long story short, expect to see Cocoa Cookie in the gacha pool on December 9th wherever you are. She will be an Epic Cookie whose special attack is apparently to summon a giant mug of hot cocoa and marshmallows that hurtles into enemy lines. It apparently also heals some of the ally cookies, as far as I can tell from the video, and Cocoa’s position seems to be the front row. That’s all we really know for certain at the moment; we’ll be sure to share more info about Cocoa Cookie when we can.

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