FFXIV Ultima Thule Aether Current Locations

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Ultima Thule is the last stop in FFXIV and has several Aether Current locations for you to find and collect. This area of Hydaelyn is a starry moonscape. While there are some obstacles and enemies, it is generally flat and empty. You need a bit of time to claim these final Aether items and not much else. This must take part after the main quest is completed. Read on as we discuss the Ultima Thule Aether Current locations in FFXIV.

Ultima Zone is the final destination on your journey through Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. To unlock all the islands here, you will need to complete the main story quest. The second and third islands are inaccessible if you do not. Other than this, collecting Aether here is straightforward.

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Before you begin, it is worth noting that your Aether Compass is no longer a key item. It will have moved to the collections tab, under the menu section for Duty. While we have noted the locations below it will help to find some of the exact spots of Aether Currents.

Ultima Thule Aether Current Locations

There are 15 Aether currents in total. These divide into 5 quest currents and 10 overworld currents. You will see the quest currents as you move through the main story. When you finish the main story the last one will come as a reward, so don’t go looking for it on the map.

For the Overworld Currents, you need to go out and do some searching or use our map below. Ultima Thule is a pretty empty place. You won’t have many objects to bar your way and all the Aether will be in an open location. However, there are a fair few enemies to get in your way so prepare.

The locations are split between Ostrakon Deka Hexi and Ostrakon Tria. Tria has one of its Aether locations in the Southwest of the islands at the top of a winding tower. It is no trouble to walk your way to the top and claim it. Other than this, the Aether on Deka Hexi will have you doing some platforming, but nothing you won’t be able to handle.

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