New World Winter Village Locations

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The New World Winter Village locations are places where you can go to take on special quests during the Winter Convergence Festival, redeem presents and other items for tokens, and more. Basically, if you want to engage with the holiday content in any meaningful measure, you’ll need to know where these villages are. That’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this guide, so let’s dive straight in.

Where to Find Winter Village in New World

To find New World Winter Village locations in the Winter Convergence Festival, you can look in four different places. The villages are in Brightwood, Weaver’s Fen, Everfall, and Monarch’s Bluff. To be even more specific, you can look in west Brightwood, north Weaver’s Fen near the Mallory’s Refuge fast travel spot, east Everfall, and south Monarch’s Bluff, near the Dreadscythe Lookout fast travel point. All four will be marked with quest markers on your in-game map, so you really can’t miss them, but just in case, here’s a screenshot with the Winter Village locations to make navigation a bit easier.

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As to why you need to know where the villages are in the first place, well, that’s where you kick off all the quests in the Winter Convergence Festival event. They are basically hubs of the event, to be quite honest. In the New World Winter Village locations, you can find the positive aspects of the Winter Wanderer (aka good guy yeti), as well as holiday Holiday Huts in which you can bring Lost Presents and Gleamite to earn Winter Tokens.

You can redeem these Tokens to earn all kinds of rewards in one of the Holiday Shops. You can get all sorts of cosmetic items and whatnot this way. As far as the in-game universe goes, the more Tokens are turned in, the stronger the positive aspect of the Winter Wanderer get, so that’s nice.

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