Evolve Nosepass Pokemon Go

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Nosepass is now available in Pokemon Go, and many players are wondering how to evolve it. Like several Pokemon, it has quite specific evolution criteria. These involve having certain items in your inventory and using them at the right location. Doing so will let you acquire Probopass. Below, we give the essential guide on how to evolve Nosepass in Pokemon Go.

How to Evolve Nosepass in Pokemon GO

Most Pokemon need a certain number of candies to evolve them in Pokemon Go. Occasionally, you may encounter a Pokemon that needs more attention and has specific evolution guidelines. Nosepass is one of those Pokemon.

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When you look at the stat screen on Nosepass it won’t let you evolve. Instead, you have to find yourself a Magnetic Lure. This is a sub-type lure. When you deploy it, electric, steel, and magnetic Pokemon will be attracted to it.

You can purchase Magnetic Lures in the Pokemon Go shop for 200 Pokecoins each. Picking them up as rewards in special research tasks is also an option. Get one in your inventory then head to the nearest Pokestop.

Once in range of the Pokestop, then drop the Magnetic Lure. It is even possible to jump into the field of Magnetic Lures deployed by other players. When in range, go back to the stat screen and the option to evolve Nosepass should appear. You will also need 50 Nosepass candies, and you can evolve it into Probopass.

Probopass is worth ticking off your list, but in terms of stats, it is not that special. It looks extremely similar to Nosepass, though it has the addition of a large fluffy mustache. Introduced in Generation IV, its weaknesses are fighting, ground and water-type Pokemon. It has an immunity to poison and resistance to a range of other types.

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