How to Fish in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

If you want to know how to fish in Skyrim Anniversary Edition, you’ve come to the right place. Mechanically speaking, the process is almost lazily simple – you just reel the fish in when it tugs on the line; there’s no minigame tied to it or anything. However, the steps you need to take before you get to that point are a little complicated. So, let’s find out how to fish in the new edition of Skyrim.

Skyrim Anniversary Edition – How to Fish

To fish in Skyrim Anniversary edition, the first order of business is to get a fishing rod. To do that, you can simply go around almost any body of water and look next to the points with fishing supplies. They always have a rod right next to them. There are also some vendors that sell fishing rods, but I doubt you’ll ever need to buy them, as they are plentiful out in the open. However you obtain one, equip it into your right hand from the inventory.

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