Zelda Botw How to Farm Farosh, Dinraal, Naydra Scale, Shard, Fang & Claw

Zelda Botw How to Farm Farosh, Dinraal, Naydra Scale, Shard, Fang & Claw \ '); }

Farosh, Dinraal & Naydra are ancient dragon spirits in Zelda Breath of The Wild. They can be found floating across the skies of Hyrule, and you can shoot them to get monster parts of them. Depending on where you hit them, they drop scales, shards, fangs & claws. Each of these parts is very valuable – they can be used for all kinds of things, from finishing quests to selling for fat profits. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to farm Naydra, Dinral & Farosh in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Dragons spawn around 22 in-game time and through the night. When a dragon spawn, music will change. It’s important to know that you’ll increase their spawn chances if you don’t stand close to the place where they appear in game and start their route.

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How to get dragon scale, fang, shard & claw

Which part you get from the dragon spirit depends on where you hit or shoot it. Hitting the horns or crest will yield the shard. Shooting the mouth will drop the fang. You can get the claw by hitting the legs. Shooting any place other than the ones already listed will net you the scale.

What to do with dragon claw, fang, scale & shard

Dragon parts have several different uses. You can:


dinraal location zelda botw

Dinral, the fire spirit, appears around midnight at the Elding Great Skeleton, on the northern edge of the map, but some people also reported that you can find him between 3:00 AM and 8:00 AM. Bring some wood and flint so you can camp until he shows up. Stand on the skeleton and wait for him to dive down, then glide up towards him and shoot him. He shoots fireballs, so you might want to equip some heat resistant clothing before you start.


zelda botw farosh spawn

Farosh, the thunder dragon, appears at Lake Hylia, in the Faron region, at midnight. Make sure you have wood and flint to set up camp, then wait for him. If he’s not there, camp until tomorrow and repeat the process. Climb the tower at the end of the bridge, and wait for him to pass by it. Jump off the tower and glide towards him. There’s always an updraft around him, so time will slow down when you take aim.

You can also find him in Floria Falls. From Faron Tower head to Lakeside Stable and wait around the bridge till 22 in-game time. His route starts from Riola Spring, going south to Rassla Lake, where he dives into the water. Just sit on the bridge and wait for the best shot.


naydra dragon location zelda botw

Naydra, the purple dragon, is first found at the pond on the top of Mount Lanayru, in the east of the map. You’ll have to shoot the malice eyes across its body to release it. After that, it will start spawning on the western slopes of the mountain. Your best bet is to wait for it at the Lanaryu Road East Gate. You can easily shoot it from there. Something that provides protection from cold would benefit you, as the dragon shoots shards of ice.

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