Zelda BotW Shrine Locations Map

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Shrines are places of trial located throughout Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild’s map. They’re like small dungeons. Once inside, you’ll have to complete platforming challenges and various other puzzles. In the end, you’ll be rewarded with a spirit orb. There are 120 shrines in the game and after completing them all you’ll unlock Green Tunic of the Wild. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Zelda Breath of The Wild shrine locations and help you solve their puzzles.

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Great Plateau Shrine locations

Zelda Breath of the Wild great plateau shrine locations
In the first area – Great Plateau – you will find four Shrines:
  1. Keh Namut – Cryonis Trial
  2. Owa Daim – Stasis Trial
  3. Ja Baij – Bomb Trial
  4. Oman Au – Magnesis Trial
Hard part about these shrines are the ones in the mountains. In order to go through the snowy mountain, and reach the shrines you’ll need something to warm you up. You can use a torch melee weapon. Swing your torch over the fire to light it. If you have Spicy Pepper, Raw Meat and Hyrule Bass you can make Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry meal that gives cold resistance, and if you give the meal to the old man in the cottage during the night, he’ll reward you with Warm Doublet. We have a comprehensive guide How to protect from cold & solve Old Man’s Warm Doublet recipe.
Ta’loh Naeg – Inside Kakariko Village, hard to miss.Daka Tuss – Can be seen from a distance.Toto Sah – West from Hickaly Woods, just next to the river there is a breakable stone structure. Drop the bomb into the river from a rock upstream, to make it flow to the stone structure. Detonate the bomb at the right time to destroy the sealed gate and reveal the entrance.

East Necluda

All East Necluda Shrines Zelda Breath of the Wild
  1. Myahm Agana – At the entrance to Hateno Village, up on the hill.
  2. Muwo Jeem – On the mountain peak, can be seen from a distance.
  3. Chaas Qeta – On the tiny Tenoko Island. You can glide down to it from Muwo Jeem shrine.
  4. Yah Rin – Above Lurelin Village. That’s the same place where you can find Cloyne, and earn a bunch of rupees easily.
  5. Korgu Chideh – Found on the Eventide Island, deep in the southeast. You might need stamina regeneration food, as gliding toward this island takes a lot of time. This is the most fun part of the shrine reveal quests, so we won’t spoil it.
  6. Kah Yah – Just under the eastern part of Mount Dunsel, on the beach, in an area called Palmorae Ruins. Talk to Garini to start the quest “A Fragmented Monument”. The first fragment is close to Garini, in the grass around the boulder near the three palm trees. The second is on Palmorae Beach. Look for some floating barrels and inspect the rocks in the water nearby. The third one is a the furthest point of the crescent-shaped peninsula called Soka Point. Return to Garini, then stand on the orange shrine plate and hit crouch.
  7. Tawa Jin – Up in the mountains, on the plateau between three ponds: Hany Pond, Rabella Wetlands and Uteh Marsh. You’ll spot it from afar thanks to the five large bones and the three pressure plates. Three giants guard the three ancient spheres nearby. Defeat them, take the spheres and place them on the plates.

Faron Shrine locations

Faron is an area in the south. It’s made up of zones like Faron Grasslands and Sea, Lake Hylia, Bronas Forest, Corta Lake, Riola Sprint, Rodai Lake and others.

Faron Shrine Locations Zelda Breath of the Wild Game
  1. Shoda San – Behind the Riola Spring waterfall. There is a hidden path next to the waterfall that takes you to the entrance.
  2. Qukah Nata – this is a secret Shrine. You’ll have to find Kass first and start a quest “A Song of Storms“. He is found high in the hills, next to the Calora Lake. If there is rain preventing you from climbing the cliff-side, use the Cryonis rune on the waterfall and climb up, step by step. Once you reach the top you should find Kass. Guides for completing the quest are found here.
  3. Shai Utoh – At Ubota Point, behind the stable, on the ground floor. Find a breakable stone structure and destroy it. It will reveal the cave entrance with the shrine inside it.
  4. Pumaaag Nitae – Somewhere between Finra Woods (to the west) and Pagos Woods (to the east), at ground level.
  5. Ka’o Makagh – On a hill above the stable.
  6. Shae Katha – North of Dracozu Lake, behind the statue of Goddess Hylia in the Spring of Courage. Offer one of Farosh’s scales to enter. You can find more detailed instructions here.
  7. Ya Naga – In the middle of Hylia Island in Hylia Lake. Start from Lake Tower, turn northwest and paraglide from there.
  8. Ishto Soh – East of Daval Peaks. Use your paraglider to fly eastward from the mountains.
  9. Shoqa Tatone – Talk to Loone in northwest Puffer Beach to start Guardian Slideshow Shrine Quest. She’ll ask you to show her pictures of three different Guardians – small, flying, and walking around. Take the orb and put it in the mound.
Korsh O’hu – In the East Gerudo Ruins, which are in the east of Palu Wasteland. Speak to Rotana in the northwestern section of Gerudo Town to start The Seven heroines quest. Go to the circular formation at the bottom of the mountain southwest of Wasteland Tower. There, you’ll find the Seven Heroines statues. To solve the puzzle, you have to put the large metal balls in their proper basin. For a more detailed guide, check out our Zelda BotW Secret Shrine Quest Locations guide. Mogg Latan – This one requires a bit of climbing. It is on top of Satori Mountain, on its southern peak. While you climb up, you’ll notice three larger boulders, rising above the mountain’s peak. Head south of them.Shae Loya – If you follow the road on your way from Hyrule Ridge to Hebra, you’ll need to go over Tabantha Great Bridge. Just before it, there is the Tabantha Bridge Stable. Look south from it, towards the taller hill and you’ll see the shrine.Toh Yahsa – From Ridgeland Tower, you can spot the area called Thundra Plateau, the one with thunderstorms and mushroom-like trees. In the center of it, you’ll need to place four balls into their corresponding color spots. Once this is done, you’ll reveal the secret shrine location. In short, glide towards the orange ball from the nearby hills, drop it on the nearby plateau with the bonfire. Use the Stasis rune and hit it in order to reach the center of the compound. Use the same method for the red ball, but this time, hit it from the area where it stands.

Hebra Shrine locations

Hebra is the area located in far northwest. The large, snowy Hebra Mountains are at its center. You’ll also spot two larger areas like Tabantha Frontier and Tabantha Tundra.

  1. Tena Ko sah – Close to the Tabantha Great Bridge, high up on the Ancient Columns, among the ruins … you’ll find it.
  2. Akh Va’quot – South from the Heabra Mountains, there is a rather deep lake. This is where you’ll find Rito Village and the shrine. If you haven’t so far, be sure to pick up pieces of cold resistance gear from the armor vendor in the village. You’ll need them for the upcoming shrines.
  3. Sha Warvo – North from the Rito Village, in the area called Dronoc’s Pass, close to the road.
  4. Rin Oyaa – From Hebra Tower, glide northward. If you follow the road, you’ll have no difficulty finding it.
  5. Sha Gehma – This one is at the northernmost part of Tabantha Tundra. If you use the shield gliding, you’ll get there in no time.
  6. Qaza Tokki – To enter this shrine, you’ll have to find a secret entrance within the stone maze called North Lomei Labyrinth. The Shrine quest you get, once you land in the maze, is called “Trial on the Cliff”. If you don’t care about all the treasures in the maze, you can always land on it from the nearby mountain. From its top, search for the yellow glowing Electric Chuchu. Just a bit above their location is the entrance to the shrine. However, if you decide to do it properly, you’ll need to go around the maze, destroy the corrupted eye, find the gap in the upper wall, and the path to the Electric Chuchu and the shrine’s entrance. Be careful not to miss at least 4 chests found here.
  7. Hia Miu – At the absolute most northwestern point of the map, northwest of Icefall Foothills. You can reach it by paragliding in from the mountains.
  8. Maka Rah – on the western bank of Lake Kilsie, south of the Sturnida Basin, you’ll find a pier. You can just see the shrine through the crack in the wall. Use a bomb to blow up the rocks and ride the wind gust across the water to the next. Follow the trail of rocks and the last gust will fly you up to a torchlit entrance. You can also reach it by gliding from the top of the mountain opposite the entrance.
  9. Voo Lota – West of Rito Village, north of Passer Hill, in Warbler’s Nest. After defeating Vah Medoh and rounding up the kids, you’ll have to complete Recital at Warbler’s Nest shrine quest. Stand on the mound surrounded by five statues. Use a Kokoro leaf to blow the air into the rock rings, corresponding to the notes. Full guide to Warbler’s Nest riddle is here.
  10. Dunba Taag – In Tanagar Canyon, south of Tama Pond. Just paraglide down to the place where the canyon curves to the north, just underneath one of the windmills.
  11. Gee Ha’rah – south of Kopeeki Drifts, northwest of Hebra Tower. On the southeastern side of the gorge, there is a pair of huge stone doors. Head back from there up the hill until you find several large rocks. Throw one down the second path, to the right of the sharp rock.
  12. Lamno Kooh – west od Hebra Tower, southeast of Hebra Falls. There’s a hidden body of water to swim across. Beware, it’s deadly cold.
  13. Rok Uwog – West of North Tabantha Snowfield, just above the second I in Pikida Stonegrove, on one of the lower levels.
  14. Goma Asaagh – Paraglide down the southwestern side of Hebra Peak until you see the shrine. Light a fire to melt the ice blocking the entrance.
  15. Shada Naw – Just North of Selmie’s Spot, northwest from Hebra East Summit.
  16. Rona Katcha – East of Mount Drena, at the very end of the canyon. To get there, go from the southwest, through the Forgotten Temple.
  17. Kah Okeo – East of Rayne Highlands and the Ancient Columns. Move the large, flat rock on it using Stasis, then hitting it.
  18. Mozo Sheno – During the Bird in the Mountains quest, scope out the eastern side of Biron Snowshelf from the adjacent mountain. You’ll spot the shrine in the opening at you can paraglide into. Our Secret Shrines Quest Locations guide has more details if you need them.
  19. To Quomo – The entrance is on the southeast slope of the Hebra North Summit (southeast of our marker on the map above). There are large, stone, doors you can’t blow up with your bomb. If you look opposite of the door you will see a slope on top of which are several big snowballs nearby. You have to roll down the snowballs in order to break open the door. You’ll need to create two Cryonis pillars in the water pond in the middle of the slope to roll down properly. Check out the screenshot bellow for exact location and setup.

Kass Shrine Quests

Kass is an NPC you will come across every now and then and he gives you quests with riddles to solve in order to discover shrines. We made a comprehensive guide for every Kass Shrine quest in the game and how to solve their puzzles. If you are stuck use that guide to uncover the shrines. Here are the shrine quests covered:

Shrines in Zelda BoTW

UPDATE: What follows is information we had on this page before the game came out and gives general information about shrines in Zelda BotW.

The shrines we’ve seen so far have all been underground. Their entrances were easy to notice – imagine a cave mouth adorned with glowing, orange runes. You’ll be able to spot them from quite far away, so use any chance you get at higher ground to scout out your surroundings. You can plant map markers on places you deem interesting, in case you don’t want to visit them right away.

Once you reach the shrine, you’ll use your Sheikah slate to gain entrance. The runes will turn blue, and an elevator will appear. Inside, jumping puzzles and challenges await. Many of them include finding inventive ways to use your rune powers. Getting to the end of the shrine is usually not that hard, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a spirit orb. However, there are other treasures inside, and they’ll often require a bit of lateral thinking.

They may include enemies, but the focus is usually not on fighting, but on figuring out a solution to the puzzles inside. They’re all tied by a theme in each shrine, so there isn’t much guessing involved. In case you do get stuck, we’re going to list the shrines and the solutions to their challenges on this page.

Once the game launches, on March 3rd, we’re going to start updating this guide with more info. If you discover a shrine that isn’t here, feel free to share your findings in the comments.

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